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Boost your child's potential

Pre-junior students are attending our school with absolutely no tuition fees. Our belief, that your kid's education must be free, is non-negotiable!

We guarantee

That our students will love the English language

That they will considerably improve their performance each month

That they will speak fluent Enlish

That they will acquire accredited degrees

We teach

In small groups

Using innovative technological methods (interactive whiteboards)

In special groups for those who need further practice

We achieve

High levels of success

Your trust through our thirty year running

Why us

30 years of experience in teaching foreign languages

We support small children who study in our pre-junior classes for free

We love our students

We have experienced teachers

Technologies in teaching

Our concept doesn’t allow us to use simple methods of learning by heart grammar rules, unknown words and exercises. We have boon using the most modern methods of teaching (interactive whiteboards). It’s a teaching tool which helps and boosts the abilities of students. Lessons become very interesting through a big screen and so students are enthusiastic and charmed. In this way, we manage to keep students focused on the lesson and their performance gets improved very quickly.

Selected bibliography

We have been using the most appropriate books for our students and for this reason we renew and replace our books and teaching material very often so as to keep up with the modern data of education.

We help you achieve the maximum of your potential!

About us

Our love for children and teaching made us better teachers.

In the 30 years of our history we make successful students and better people.

Our constant aim is to make our students, of all ages, love the English language as we do.

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